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Repair Service in Rocky View County,.

We are offering insurance deductible discount to our costumers for recent Hailstorm damages, subject to some conditions.

Auto Repair Shop Calgary

Auto Repair Shop Calgary is a repair service for collisions in Rocky View Country which is the best service in Calgary. We offer insurance deductible discounts to the customers for any recent damages, prone to some circumstances. We offer many services including Collision Repair, Complete Paint Job, Scratch Repair, Parts Replacement, Frame Repair, Fiber Glass Repair, Loose Parts Paint, Brake Replacement, etc.

Collision Repair

We have a warehouse of many types of equipment in our Auto Repair Shop such as Air Compressors and Suppliers, Air Tools, Benches and Stands, Creepers, Diagnostic Tools, Estimating Tools, Glass Tools, Hybrid Vehicle Repair, Jump Starters, Mo Clamp, Paint Stands, Pick Up Bed Handlers, Specialty Tools, Tire, Welding, Air Hose Reels, Aluminum Repair, Bumper Racks, Dent Pullers and Removers, Door Handlers and Tools, Frame Straightening, Induction Heat Tools, Lifts, Moulding/Decal Removers, Parts Caddies, Plastic Repair, Suspension Tools, Towing, Work Lights, Air Hose Reels, Aluminum Repair, Bumper Racks, Dent Pullers and Removers, Metal Shaping Tools, etc.

Complete Paint Job

We have our auto body paint shop In Auto Repair Shop be it paint for a car, truck, or another auto vehicle. We are dedicated to making your trial easy with reasonable prices along with providing dependable services equipped with a nationwide warranty. We basically target in these ways

For over 10+ years, we helped our customers with their auto painting and repair services. We apply single-layered enamel paint to enliven your vehicle’s look. We offer a warranty and provide your car with an appealing shine and precise color match.

For longer maintainability, and sticking to an affordable price, we provide services that come with a three-year warranty. This single-stage procedure uses a material that tolerates wearing-offs and is much more withstanding than enamel coatings.

As far as best look and performance is concerned, we offer premium services with warranties. . We offer the highest level of tolerance, the best possible shiny coating, and an excellent color match that is long-lasting.

Cars For Sale

If you are looking for a car to purchase or planning to sell yours, Calgary offers its clients to have their cars feature on our list.

Scratch Repair

If your vehicles have light scratches or other marks – we have compounds with specified formulae that allow you to easily remove and wipe off the roughness from the vehicles paint and overall look. In addition, we have paint restoring material which resets the shine of your paint and restore it to original level quality. There exist special rubbing chemicals that remove water spots, and other contaminants from the paint.

Parts Replacement

We have choices from millions of great quality and genuine, aftermarket, renovated, and redesigned automatic parts from reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

Frame Repair

Our frame racks let auto repair shops apply great amounts of force against a vehicle once it is started. We design frames that tolerate multiple years of pulling force.

For the repair of your car, are you looking for the best repair shops in Calgary or Chestermere?


    Our staff is not only experienced when it comes to providing quality services, they are also professional when it comes to dealing with clients.

    For collision repair services, specifically, we provide a complete repair service package that ensures that your vehicle will be restored to its original form.

    We have been in the auto body repair business for a long time. We have the expertise to provide a range of services.