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We are offering insurance deductible discount to our costumers for recent Hailstorm damages, subject to some conditions.

Auto Body Shop Calgary

Auto Body Shop Calgary offers a comprehensive range of auto repair services. If it includes minor scratches and scuffs to comprehensive vehicle recovery to its pre-accident condition. Whether you've been in an accident through any natural disaster or want to freshen up the look of your car, we can all help you get back on the road. Our repair services incorporate the latest collision repair technology. We have skilled experts with advanced training, and committed customer service for your peace of mind.
Our professionals will thoroughly analyze the damage when you drop off your vehicle and give you a detailed plan. We recover your automobile to its pre-accident state using cutting-edge service and repair technology. Our skilled technicians go through our cutting-edge advanced training program to give you the best service.
We also communicate with your insurance company to make things easy for you. We guaranteed you that we are the one who makes the best selections for your vehicle.

Auto Collision Repair

Calgary auto body repairs is the leading company in user satisfaction and performs high-quality maintenance. Our locations take pride in providing a welcoming environment. We have state-of-the-art frame repair technology and experienced painting. So you can be confident that your car will be repaired swiftly.

Dent Repair without Painting

The process of auto collision repair always begins with a comprehensive examination of the damage. If the size of your vehicle's damage allow it, paint less dent repair is a quick and economical way to get your car fixed. It's an excellent choice for minor dents and scratches.

Repairing in the Old Way

Auto Body Shop Calgary also offers Traditional Repair, which comprises skilled structural and body repairs followed by paint and refinishing for injuries. It does not permit flaking paint dent repair. This technique typically takes much longer than the packet delivery ratio.

Repairing Process

  • Collaboration with the insurance firm
  • Analyze the losses and the conditions around it.
  • Pre-wash and disassemble the car to evaluate additional damage.
  • Make a thorough repair plan.
  • Review the repair plan and place an order for parts.
  • Repair the structure and the body.
  • Refinishing and repainting
  • Execute quality assurance inspections.
  • Update on the status of the repairs

Cars For Sale

If you are looking for a car to purchase or planning to sell yours, Calgary offers its clients to have their cars feature on our list.


Our assistance is available every hour of the day. We can help you with transportation, automobile knock, and insurance provider communication. So you shouldn't have to deal with any struggles.

Expert Evaluation

The accuracy of the damage assessment is crucial as the accuracy of the repairs. Our specialists will visually check the automobile for apparent and concealed damage to ensure a good repair process.


We can guarantee you our expertise and competence. Our highly qualified and experienced specialists will do auto body repairs to the vehicle's frame and doors using heavy equipment. Auto Body Shop Calgary offers a professional color matching technique for painting and refinishing your vehicle once repaired.

Choose Us

Calgary auto body repairs provides a full range of auto body restoration services. From minor dents and scratches to accident emergency repairs. Whether if you've been in an accident and you want to update the look of your automobile, relax, realizing that we'll handle everything. You can reach out to one of our customer support representatives or use the resources on our website. You can also reach us thru phone number (403) 909-4308 and Email :

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    Our staff is not only experienced when it comes to providing quality services, they are also professional when it comes to dealing with clients.

    For collision repair services, specifically, we provide a complete repair service package that ensures that your vehicle will be restored to its original form.

    We have been in the auto body repair business for a long time. We have the expertise to provide a range of services.