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OK, SO WHY Calgary Autobody Shop?

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Collision Repair

For the repair of your car, are you looking for the best collision repair shops in Calgary? We provide a range of services to clients.

Complete Paint Job

Calgary Autobody shop provides auto-complete paint job in Calgary and nearby areas. You will find our services are of top-quality.

Scratch Repair

Calgary Autobody Shop provides a range of repair services to clients. Whether the job is a major or a minor one, we provide services to all.

Parts Replacement

For Calgary Autobody Shop, there is no job that is too big or too small, we provide services to all. Our staff and team is experienced and professional.

Frame Repair

The services we provide for car repair and maintenance include repairing dents and scratches, whether major or minor.

Fiber Glass Repair

Calgary Autobody Shop also provides services for major repairing jobs such as Fiber Glass Replacement and glass repair.

Loose Parts Paint

It does not matter whether the paint job is a small one or requires painting the entire vehicle because we do it all.

Brake Replacement

For us, there is not repair job which is either too small or too big. We deal with all sorts of damaged vehicles.


We provided a full guideline for hiring best auto body repair in Chestermere and best collision repair shops in Chestermere, now we will give you a thorough list of reasons why you should hire Calgary Auto body, these are given below:

Insurance Assistance

If you have been in accident, talking directly to your insurance company may not be possible. We offer our clients the ease of this worry by talking directly to their insurance company.

Certified Team

Our mechanics are certified, holders. They are fully trained in thick and thin conditions to give the best outcome to our consumers. We give them special training to make them knowledgeable about the specifications of different vehicles.


We offer a lifetime warranty for the quality of our workmanship to our clients. You will not have to pay for the same work over and over again. We do the work right on the first attempt.

Best Equipments

We have the up-to-date equipment to meet the requirements of the customer’s vehicle repair.

Collision Repair Look Like

Whether your car is badly damaged or only has a few, minor scratches, we deal with all sorts of repair jobs. We provide repair services for dents, scratches, damaged bumpers and more.

Scratch Repair

Calgary Autobody Shop provides dent removal, repainting, frame restructuring, alignment, scratch removal services and more. We provide auto-complete paint job in Calgary.

For the repair of your car, are you looking for the best repair shops in Calgary or Chestermere?


    Our staff is not only experienced when it comes to providing quality services, they are also professional when it comes to dealing with clients.

    For collision repair services, specifically, we provide a complete repair service package that ensures that your vehicle will be restored to its original form.

    We have been in the auto body repair business for a long time. We have the expertise to provide a range of services.


Our staff at Calgary Autobody Shop is not only professional in its dealing with clients, but we also have years of experience in the field.


If you own a vehicle, then it is a must thing to know about the local repair shops near your house for you do not know when you may need the services of one of them. To find the best auto body shop in Calgary may be a tricky job since there are so many options available to select from. We will recommend you select wisely. Among many possibilities, you can look for Calgary Auto Body.

To understand the importance of auto body repair shops, you will have to read the following points thoroughly:

  • They are the saloon for your vehicle. They give wide range of services to make your vehicle look presentable. So you need an auto body shop for this purpose.
  • With different complex vehicles coming in market, their repairing and conditioning also require a place that could offer the services that consumer is looking for. In such a situation auto body shop is a necessity.
  • If you need to paint your car, truck or SUVs, which place will you go to for professional painting job? Obviously, it will be auto body shop that offers paint service along with its repair service.

Cars For Sale

If you are looking for a car to purchase or planning to sell yours, Calgary offers its clients to have their cars feature on our list.


  • review rating 5  Took my 13 Rogue to repair quarter panel and door. Workmanship is top notch. Thank-you Ansar. Good job

    thumb Asif Iqbal

    review rating 5  Highly Recommended! Ansar is amazing at what he does...all kinds of auto body work. Very reasonable prices and great technical knowledge. One of the few auto body places that don't gouge!

    thumb Saleem Rizvi

    review rating 5  I needed an upgrade on my truck. The truck was old and needed repairing and a proper paint job. This company and its amazing plus skillful workers restored my truck and turned it into just the way I wanted it.

    thumb Chris Morris
  • review rating 5  Great service at reasonable price. Friendly people,,, highly recommend.

    thumb Tahir Sadiq

    review rating 5  I was very impressed with the service that was provided by Calgary Auto Body Shop. Ansar and his team managed to fix our car very quickly and efficiently during a crucial time for me. I am fully satisfied with the job (window replacement, collision repair) and grateful to have finally found an honest and caring body shop!

    thumb Jessica Sosa

    review rating 5  Excellent customer service, and very promptly response time.

    thumb S J
  • review rating 5  Highly recommend the auto services provided by this company. The professionals there expertly worked on my car's jammed engine and had it working within hours.

    thumb Lucas Aaron

    review rating 5  New business with overall great service. They fix everything! Would highly recommend. :)

    thumb Abigail Obdamen

    review rating 5  Nice services with good rates

    thumb rehan kashif
  • review rating 5  I got a few things fixed for my cars exterior and everything ansar did was of amazing quality and the best price I personally found in all of Calgary. 100% recommend

    thumb tehreem asif

    review rating 5  I had my car repaired from Calgary Auto Body Repairs and the team working there definitely lived up to their promise. The car was in its newest condition when returned.

    thumb Daniel Daniel

    review rating 5  If you are looking for exceptional service and reasonable prices, this is the bodyshop for your car!

    thumb Hamad Khan
  • review rating 5  Calgary Autobody Shop is the best auto body repair shop in Chestermere, without a doubt. The paint job they did on my car was superb. When I got it back, it looked brand new. The quality of services that they provide is exceptional. Highly recommended!

    thumb Blake Ales

    review rating 5  My car was badly broken and had to be repaired completely. Calgary Auto Body did a great job of turning my car back to its normal and original state.

    thumb Jack Harry

    review rating 5  My car had been damaged very badly in a car accident. The side of the car was dented and scratched. Calgary Autobody is one of the best auto body repair shops in Calgary. They repainted the side and the door panel. It couldn’t believe it!

    thumb Bill edward


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